March 19, 2020
retail apps
Back in 2014 many forecasted that location based apps would shape the future of shopping, and help brick and mortar retailers compete with the online world.  But unfortunately, that hasn’t turned out to be the case. In a recent study carried out by L2 Inc, it was found that 44% of luxury retail brands have removed their apps...
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offline retail analytics
For many years, when it came to customer analytics, the online world had it all and the offline retailers had gut instinct and experience with little hard data to back it. But now times are changing, Péarlaí can now offer a marketing channel that provides accurate data in a legitimate manner to retailers to help them compete...
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Péarlaí is a retail analytic company based around a smart key fob, which provides shoppers and the stores they visit with benefits and insights that have never been available before. 

Customers get access to exclusive deals and offers all year round, whilst brick and mortar retailers gain access to customer analytics, equivalent to online.

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