April 9, 2020
retailers recover from covid-19
In the words of Winston Churchill “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” and this is why we all need to stay positive and motivated because we believe retailers have a great opportunity to take stock and come back stronger after the dust has settled on this unforeseen situation. At this time, it is...
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building customer loyalty
In our last post we explained how it has never been more important to know who your customers are to enable you to attract likeminded customers and ultimately increase sales and customer loyalty. While we stand by that sentiment, in this day and age you actually need to go further than that, you need to...
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Retailers closed due to coronavirus
Over the past number of weeks senior members of our team at Péarlaí have been checking in on online conferences about the future of retail, and what the future holds for many brick and mortar retailers after lockdowns are lifted, and the dust settles. Whilst many attendees agreed there will be some retailers who won’t...
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Péarlaí is a retail analytic company based around a smart key fob, which provides shoppers and the stores they visit with benefits and insights that have never been available before. 

Customers get access to exclusive deals and offers all year round, whilst brick and mortar retailers gain access to customer analytics, equivalent to online.

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