Are You Preparing For The New Year With Retail Gradually Recovering From The Pandemic?

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What a strange year it has been for us all! When we were first made aware of the coronavirus pandemic in the early months of 2020, not many would have forecasted the impact it was going to have on business.  But, as you well know now, many industries including retail have taken a massive financial blow due to the impact of the lockdown restrictions. 

For short spells over recent months, it was looking like things were brightening up again with restrictions occasionally loosening. Then all of a sudden, businesses were struck with recurrent setbacks when governments were enforced to retighten constraints to help control the spread. 

But now, it finally looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations were given full approval in the UK a few weeks ago, and the most vulnerable have already began receiving them this week. One massive step back towards normality. 

Last Friday, retailers were also given the green light to re-open the doors again and can invite customers back into their stores again. British Prime Minister, Boris Johnston, has even stated life could “return to normal” by April 2021.

What better time for the light to arrive, on the brink of a new year, a fresh start. So how are you preparing for that? Have you got contemporary marketing strategies prepared? Will you be adjusting your tactics and testing new channels to reach wider audiences? Are you considering increasing online marketing or trialling technology solutions? 

If not, you should be! It’s time to explore new channels and trial new platforms to help your tenants recover from what has been the most challenging period of time for them since the recession in 2008.    

How can Péarlaí help shopping centres recuperate? 

Péarlaí is the only company in the world with the ability to monitor and engage with customers in real-time in retail sites without the use of an app or Wi-Fi tracking.

Our smart technology identifies your VIP shoppers as soon as they arrive in your shopping centre and accurately monitors their movements to allow you to send tailored customer engagement messages.

Not only will your tenants be gifted with an automated marketing platform that boasts an average open rate of 98% and a 27% conversion rate. But you’ll also gain access detailed demographic and behavioural data, available to download in real-time from your user-friendly dashboard. 

The shared dashboard doesn’t just allow you to monitor performance; it will provide you with indisputable marketing ROI which can be displayed to tenants to show the efforts you’re making to increase footfall in each individual store.

Would you like to learn more?  

You can call Péarlaí directly on 02830 256246, or book a free demo today by filling out an online enquiry form, alternatively, you can contact our company CEO, Peter McCaul, directly at

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