Building Customer Loyalty in Retail

building customer loyalty

In our last post we explained how it has never been more important to know who your customers are to enable you to attract likeminded customers and ultimately increase sales and customer loyalty.

While we stand by that sentiment, in this day and age you actually need to go further than that, you need to engage with your customers while they are in your store and acknowledge them.

Engage with them about previous items they may have purchased and other things they like about your store. In recent times, online retail has made personalisation a key factor in sales, with features like “other items previous customers purchased along with this” or “things you might like based on your previous purchases”. Customers now expect the same quality of service whether it’s online or offline and those that can provide both will reap the rewards of long-lasting loyalty and business growth.

Imagine your customers entering your store and being greeted immediately, imagine them being recommended products based on what they have told you they like or their purchase history. They would love you!

Retail has evolved and those that can give their customers what they now expect offline as well as online will thrive, those that don’t will fade into the history books.

Rewarding Your Loyal Customers

If you know who your loyal customers are why wouldn’t you reward their loyalty with a little extra, as Tesco says “Every little helps”.

Imagine being able to acknowledge that Jane has visited your store three times this week, has spent over £x this month or has spent over an hour in your store this week and you were given the ability to send her a personal message offering a little extra discount or free gift in return. Jane will love your brand forever and will tell every one of her friends about the amazing experience she has when she visits your store.

Retail can be simple, when you show your customers you care about them then they will repay you with their loyalty to your brand or store.

How Can Péarlaí Help You Achieve This?

Péarlaí enables retailers to know who their customers are, monitor behaviour and engage with them while on site. Readers are placed in stores, which detect the VIP Fob of the customer from the moment they enter and throughout their visit. 

Read our latest article to get a full insight into the benefits of using Péarlaí’s technology, or even send an online enquiry if you’d like a member of our team to get in touch and give you a full insight into our platform.

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