Péarlaí – The first marketing channel to provide accurate offline retail analytics

offline retail analytics

For many years, when it came to customer analytics, the online world had it all and the offline retailers had gut instinct and experience with little hard data to back it. But now times are changing, Péarlaí can now offer a marketing channel that provides accurate data in a legitimate manner to retailers to help them compete with the online world.

Péarlaí’s technology enables retailers to message consumers via SMS when they are in the shopping centre about discounts, offers and VIP treats, and most importantly measures the effectiveness of those engagements. Péarlaí’s technology is currently being used in five shopping centres in Ireland and one shopping centre in Portugal. The open rate in these messages is 97%+ as very few people ignore SMS messages and the average conversion rate is currently sitting at 28%.

Péarlaí isn’t only an effective marketing channel; we provide a shared dashboard, which gives centre management and tenants’ access to offline analytics.  You’ll now be able to see how many VIP shoppers visited the centre on specific dates, the most popular stores, full demographic details on the consumers, and most importantly, conversion rates.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about Péarlaí, book a free demo with our team by filling out this short form, or simply call us on 02830 256246

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