Péarlaí CEO Makes Guest Appearance on Public Eye Podcast

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This week our company CEO, Peter McCaul, made a guest appearance on the Public Eye Podcast, as part of a series organised by Granite Exchange.

Peter joined host, Sarah Travers, to discuss the history and background of Péarlaí, and shared insights into the company’s growth and how Péarlaí continually innovates.

The purpose of the podcast is to inspire existing business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their business by offering insight into the success of companies like Péarlaí.  And that’s what Péarlaí is all about, continuously making efforts to help improve other companies across various sectors.

On the episode, Peter discussed the adjustments Péarlaí has made to its software solution in recent months to help retailers adapt to restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.  With the company adding several new features including contactless clock in counters and pre-booking, to prevent overcrowding.

Peter also helped offer a bit of inspiration to other business owners by explaining how his innovative thinking and determination has helped Péarlaí overcome what has been a challenging year for many businesses. Despite the impact of recurrent lockdowns, Péarlaí has managed to attract over 20,000 to register as VIP shoppers, a great achievement during a year where many were fearing the future for brick and mortar retail.

The company has also secured a deal in mainland Europe with Sonae Sierra. The company is also in discussions with charity organisations and globally recognised brewing companies with the aim of launching VIP initiatives next year. 

When the podcast is shared, listeners will also be intrigued to learn about some of Péarlaí’s future ideas.  Including an ambition to help companies outside of retail, with a facility management software solution set to launch early next year to help improve overall safety and compliance in commercial facilities.

The Public Eye podcast is due to be shared early 2021, so be sure to keep an eye out for it and give it a listen. 

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