Péarlaí Ranked Number 2 on ‘Businesses to Watch in Northern Ireland’ List

pearlai northern ireland

Péarlaí is absolutely delighted have recently made the Ulster Bank #PowerUp Index, and also to be ranked number two on the list of ‘businesses to watch’ in Northern Ireland, this is a huge landmark for Péarlaí, and one that makes our company extremely proud.

The #PowerUp Index reflects businesses’ financial performance, growth and investability as well as their founders’ growth mind-set.  The index consists of 100 of the best and brightest businesses who have successfully emerged over the past year in Northern Ireland, and Péarlaí have been ranked second in this year’s index.

For those of you that don’t already know, Péarlaí is a tech company based around a smart key fob, which provides shoppers and the stores they visit with something that appeals to both parties.

Customers get access to exclusive deals and offers all year round, whilst brick and mortar retailers gain the ability to know in real time when customers are in their stores and close the omni channel loop.

In business today, everything is about data: the more you know about your customers, the more you can understand their needs and their shopping habits.

The lion’s share of businesses involved in the collection of this data are tracking people’s habits online, but our Company Director, Peter McCaul, had a brainwave that took him down a different path. What if the data behind an individual’s real-world shopping habits could be put to good use as well?

The answer lies in a piece of technology which is the most accurate method of tracking consumers through physical space. It’s based around the most cost-effective hardware, it’s the smallest tech of its kind on the market, and its potential knows no bounds.

Today, Péarlaí has five shopping centres and also Newry city centre signed up, and we’ve recently done a deal for our first European shopping centre, in Portugal, which will launch in the new year.  To have secured so many major deals in the space of a year shows many others have faith in Péarlai’s technology and also indicates why we’ve been ranked second on Ulster Bank’s #PowerUp Index.

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