Apps Don’t Work In The Physical Retail World, Try Something That Does!

retail apps

Back in 2014 many forecasted that location based apps would shape the future of shopping, and help brick and mortar retailers compete with the online world.  But unfortunately, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

In a recent study carried out by L2 Inc, it was found that 44% of luxury retail brands have removed their apps from the app store since 2015. Meanwhile, 56% of brands with an app currently in the store have not updated it in the past year.  So, is this due to consumers failing to download them, or is it because retailers are not updating them?

It’s a tricky one, but interestingly, it appears consumers might not be too fussed on retail application on their mobile. In a study carried out by McKinsey, it was revealed that just 4% of the shoppers it surveyed had ever downloaded a luxury retail app, with many citing that they’d only be interested if it has something exclusive to offer.

Almost 40% of consumers balk at downloading retailer apps because they say they already have too many apps on their mobile devices.  And most of us know that too many apps leads to a bombardment of notifications, that will simply be swiped away rather than opened.

There is also a lack of trust in mobile applications with the shoe retailer Foot Locker Inc. now having three iPhone apps in the app store.

Is there an alternative solution?

Yes! And we have it right here! With one simple VIP Fob we can provide detailed demographic data to centre management and tenants that has never been available before.

You will be able to see how many entered your centre on a particular date, and you’ll get a full breakdown on the demographics of your VIP shoppers, our technology also runs an automated loyalty program sending VIP shoppers messages regarding exclusive deals and offers via SMS when they arrive in the shopping centre.

And most importantly we offer a six-month money back guarantee if we don’t meet your targets.  So really, you’ve nothing to lose! If you’d to learn a little bit more about Péarlaí you can book a free demo with our team today by filling out this short form, or simply by giving us a call on 02830 256246.

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