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A Management System that Manages it all

Managing a modern facility is challenging. You are juggling a lot of tasks: health and safety, staffing, cleaning and security. Whether yours is a large pharmaceutical company, a commercial property or a shopping centre, there are numerous vital tasks to be completed every day.

Unfortunately, all of these tasks are time-consuming. Staff forgetting to check-in at checkpoints, complicated reporting features, and the challenge of pinpointing where staff are at any given moment; the list is endless. But what if there was software available that lets you win back that most precious of commodities: time? What if you installed world-leading technology that allowed you to monitor compliance and improve safety and security measures within your premises?

Say hello to Péarlaí; a flexible system that guarantees to make your job easier and help monitor staff compliance and security in real-time. Receive alerts about staff member’s attendance at work and punctuality and react to situations before they become an issue.

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Who Can Benefit from Using Péarlaí?


Facility Manager
Charlene is a busy manager at a large pharmaceutical company. Along with all of her own KPIs each day, she says she spends too much time managing dozens of staff. Her typical day includes checking where staff are, what time they clock in at, and how long they’ve had on lunch break. Adding to her workload, she also has to monitor staff attendance and if employees are where they should be.

Charlene says she also spends a considerable chunk of each day ensuring that all security and cleaning staff are complying and completing mandatory checkpoints. Health and safety compliance regularly features in a typical workday for her too. Charlene partners with Péarlaí, who install cutting-edge readers throughout the facility and immediately, she’s struck by how much extra time she has available.

All of her staff now wear a mandatory key fob that they use to clock-in and clock-out. Using Péarlaí’s custom dashboard, Charlene gets insights on staffing levels, attendance, punctuality, productivity, where staff are in real-time, and whether all compliance and safety checks are carried out appropriately.

She gets alerts when checkpoints aren’t reached and sends reminder alerts to staff. Charlene also receives alerts if staff find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, for example, if staff are in a refrigerated area for too long. She also gets alerts to tell her whether all cleaning has been carried out at the required time. She enjoys extra assurance through access to the live location data she needs to act quickly to situations and spot worrying patterns that need attention.

Charlene also enjoys using Péarlaí’s intuitive software to create an accurate and time-saving evacuation procedure that ensures all members of staff are accounted for. Initially, Charlene partnered with Péarlaí to improve safety and compliance but has found the software to provide increased security and real-time data on the management of her facility.


Facility Manager
Chris is the manager of a large facility in Northern Ireland; a busy shopping centre. He identifies that personal injury claims are rising every year and impacting his annual budget. Every time a claim is made, Chris and the management team spend hours looking through CCTV footage, getting reports from security and cleaning staff.

“Something needs to change, we can’t go on like this,” Chris tells one of his management team. Chris partners with Péarlaí. Another personal injury claim lands on his desk. Chris uses Péarlaí’s custom dashboard to check if all security and cleaning checkpoints were completed on the day/date in question. He’s able to find out in seconds who was working, where they were when the alleged incident happened and what, if any fault, could be placed on his shopping centre.

Péarlaí’s compliance and monitoring platform provide precise and reliable evidence for Chris. Equipped with all the data from the alleged incident, Chris quickly and successfully defends the centre against the insurance claim without spending too much time and saves a lot of money.


How it Works

It’s easy to set up Pearlai with four simple steps. What’s more is that no new wiring is required, our readers only need a power supply and connection to an existing Wi-Fi.

Simple Installation

Péarlaí’s patented small plug and play readers are discreetly and strategically installed throughout your facilities and connected to Wi-Fi (No Wi-Fi access options available) within minutes.

Staff & Asset Registration

Staff members and assets are easily registered online by Péarlai which includes any required information such as name (Or not), staff group, asset type and any other relevant details clients need.

Monitor Staff & Assets

The location and behaviour of staff & assets is monitored every 3 seconds within a site. Meaning management can track performance, time-keeping and gather essential data to use as evidence to defend potential public liability claims which may occur on their premises.

Accurate Data

Managers and senior staff will have access to detailed behavioural data available real-time from your user-friendly dashboard. A weekly summary report can be used to make quick decisions along with bespoke reports available to download.

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