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Growing Together With Trusted Partners

Since Péarlaí first launched in 2016, we have always strived to work with the best partners where both parties can complement each other's business.

Péarlaí has been partners with Ulster Bank (RBS) from the beginning and the company was also ranked number 2 in their “Power Up Index” businesses to watch.

Other current partners include Azure Communications, Hiving Technologies, and Grupo GBI, who have each made massive contributions to help Péarlaí reach remarkable levels in recent years.

AWS is another integral part of the Péarlaí platform and will continue to be so as Péarlaí continues to grow. Not only have they provided resources to build the platform, they have also provided valuable guidance, PR and recommendations to help the company blossom.

Always Seeking New Opportunities

As Péarlaí continues to grow, we are always open to new partnership whether it is a technology partner, sales partner, or a strategic partnership where there is an opportunity to complement each other’s services.

Péarlaí have a complete partner infrastructure that ensures any partnership is implemented quickly and smoothly where all stakeholders are guaranteed mutual benefits which will enable everyone to grow.

If you have an interest in a partnership contact us and Péarlaí would be happy to explore how both parties can work together.

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