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Take the Guesswork Out of Engagement Activity

With the continual growth of online retailers like Amazon and eBay, shopping centres face a constant challenge to attract customers into their stores. And shopping centres like yours are inevitably asked at tenant meetings, “What are you doing to drive footfall to our store and increase sales?”

You explain to tenants all of your recent marketing activity, such as billboard advertising, radio campaigns and social media adverts. However, you struggle to equate how each specific campaign ultimately leads to a sale.

Péarlaí allows you to take the guesswork out of all of your customer engagement activity. That’s because the best time to engage with prospective customers is when they’re in your shopping centre. Péarlaí’s location analytics software allows shopping centre managers, landlords, tenants and store managers to take control of their marketing and engagement campaigns.


Understanding vital Demographic Data

Péarlaí’s easy-to-use dashboard allows you to understand vital demographic data for your VIP shoppers, and target those customers with promotional offers and discounts to encourage them into specific stores. Your shopping centre will enjoy accurate, real-time information that allows you to measure your ROI with detailed insights from marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Moreover, when those regular management meetings arrive, you’ll be able to present indisputable evidence to tenants of improved footfall and conversion rates. Use Péarlaí’s world-leading insights to target specific demographic groups with tailored and automated marketing campaigns through SMS messaging. Engage with customers in real-time and monitor shopper’s behaviour with Péarlaí’s fast, effective technology available across multiple locations.

Shopping Centre

Who Can Benefit from Using Péarlaí?


Centre Manager
At a recent management meeting with tenants, Centre Manager Nigel discusses current marketing and customer engagement campaigns. Several tenants say that while they acknowledge there has been some marketing activity, it’s not getting footfall into their specific stores or helping to increase sales.

The shopping centre management team are Péarlaí partners. They have prepared an in-depth customer insights report that provides clear evidence on how their marketing and customer engagement activity has driven footfall and sales. Accurate insights prove how shopper activity and customer engagement has increased due to targeted and automated SMS engagements. Tenants can see the frequency of visits, what type of activity drives engagement, and a demographical breakdown of customers by age group, location, gender and store-visit frequency. For Nigel, the report to tenants provides indisputable marketing ROIs.


How it Works

It’s easy to set up Pearlai with four simple steps. What’s more is that no new wiring is required, our readers only need a power supply and connection to an existing Wi-Fi.

Simple Installation

Pearlai’s patented small plug and play readers are discreetly and strategically installed throughout your shopping centre or retailers.

Online Registration

VIP Shoppers complete an online registration which includes their basic demographic details and shopping preferences.

Send Alerts

Shoppers collect their unique VIP smart fob and receive personalised alerts and discounts via SMS from their favourite retailers (which they choose).

Accurate Data

Centre management and retailers have access to detailed demographic and behavioural data, available real-time from your user-friendly dashboard.

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